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Jaimala Celebration

The guests at your wedding may not attend the whole event but they will surely wait for the Jaimala of the couple. A major part of an Indian wedding ceremony is spent on beautifully designed stages that hosts the awaited and precious Jaimala moments between the bride and the groom. Jaimala concept is the most complex thing in an Indian wedding but when done perfectly, can bring life to the event.
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Tug Of Var

Inspired from the historical myth of ‘Samudra Manthan’ . GTC Events brings the concept of ‘Tug Of Var’.According to the Indian mythology the brides are treated as the Goddess Lakshmi (The Goddess of wealth and fortune). So, imagine few people dressed as Devas (Gods) and Asuras (Demons) tugging a rope on the Jaimala stage, following the appearance of the groom and the bride (as Goddess Lakshmi)


Rath Yatra

Rath Yatra recognize as the journey of Lord Krishna from Gokul to Mathura. Imagine, how special would it be for a bride if her groom is making an appearance on a beautifully decorated Rath, like no one but ‘The God Of Love’ i.e Lord Krishna. A bride standing with glitter in her eyes, a groom with a Jaimala, tenderness and acceptance all around. This theme will surely attract your guests and will leave an impression on them.

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Banaras Ghat Theme

As Varanasi was also known as Banaras and was created by the Lord Shiva himself. GTC Events brings the feel of this holiest city on your wedding stage. A well-decorated ghat type setup filled with Pundits, Aghoris, and a customized lake side view behind the bride and the groom during the time of Jaimala will surely be an epic feeling for the guests and the couple.


Bride & Groom Entry

One of the most awaited movement in wedding is the Bride’s entry. You can make bride groom entry bewitching one by counting on us as we a top event management company.

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Jai Mala

You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.Add charm to your wedding by making embalming the Jai mala stage theme curated by professionals of a leading event management company.

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Jaimala On Water

It is one of the most creative and lovely Jaimala theme introduced by The GTC Events. This theme is very unique and irresistible. A Lotus shaped flower on water, incepting it’s white petals and making a pathway for the couple to linger in the centre of the flower. Smokey water and petal will add more flavour to this creative theme.

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Enclosed AC Hanger

Summers in India are hard to celebrate with. Planning a grand wedding inside a huge pandaal? Worried about the summer heat? Set your mind at rest because GTC Events got it all planned for you.


Venue Entry

Everyone brainstorms about the couple entry that we all forget about throwing attention on the entrance for the invitees. But GTC takes care of that too, as we believe in the phrase ‘’First impression is the last impression’’.

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Stage Decor

A wedding stage attracts most of the guests’ attention than anything else as it is the most important part of any wedding. GTC Events is proud to have a huge archive of the stage concepts. Creating customized stages as per the need of our clients is our strong suit.

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Seatings Layout

While planning an event, sometimes the apparently innocent commitment seating configurations can suddenly feel quite thorny, but our team of creative architects will assist you with the layout and the blueprint of your wedding venue. Keeping your guests in our mind, we design seating layouts so that your guests could have a better view.


Aisle Decor

No matter where you’re getting married, its important to have a thought about the type of decor that will compliment your aisle, but the trick is finding a look that suits your venue and your personality when you walk down the ramp towards the stage.

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Venue Decor

Sorting the decor of your wedding is not an easy job unless you’re a pro. But GTC Events can decorate a variety of venues as per the themes and the need of our clients. Whether you want a simply beautiful decor or totally transform your venue, the team of our creative heads are always there to guide you.


Eco-friendly decor

Want to inspire others on your wedding day? GTC Events would love to work for you ! The voices in our head are full of ideas. From an invitation card to your wedding venue, our inventory of ‘Eco-Friendly’ flavours will surely attract the guests and inspire them.

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Mandap decor

We are expert at designing and creating new Mandap themes and are proud to have more than 300 Mandap themes. GTC Events have achieved a distinct and dynamic position in this domain by creating prepossessing Mandap themes for our happy clients.

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Guest Entertainment

Make your wedding a mesmerizing event for your loved ones who will join you on this joyous occasion by entertaining them. For this count on us as we all the best wedding event management company in Delhi.

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