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Rice and buttons

This popular game will surely keep your friends entertained and engaged. Required one bowl filled with rice, an empty bowl with maximum 50 buttons of black and white color. Each competitor will get one minute to pick the buttons from the rice bowl. 10 points for the white and 5 points for the black color will be given to the players, whereas 5 points will be deducted if the player spilled the rice out of the bowl.

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Pull and Pluck

In this funny and entertaining game 10 cloth pins of different colors will be clipped on each player’s cloth at the back. Each player need to get each other’s cloth pins and clip it on their clothes at the front side within a time limit of one minute. The player with maximum number of pins on their clothes at the front will win.

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Craving And Candles

This fun one minute party game in which players need to light up a candle with the help of a single matchstick and the catch is that the players have to blow that candle off, and need to repeat the same for one minute, winner gets the chocolate cake. After the completion of one minute, the winner with maximum numbers of burnt-matchsticks will win the game and the delicious chocolate cake.

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Saree Draping

Another delightful and engaging kitty party game is one minute draping a saree game. In this game the players need to drape a saree in one minute. The player who does it the best will be pronounced as the winner.

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The Perfect Chapaati

This game is fun and will keep your guests on the toe. Yes, Indeed! Each player will be given one minute in which they have to make a perfect chapaati. The player with a perfectly round chapaati will be the proud winner of the game.

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Test The Memory

This one minute kitty party game will not be interesting for your guests only, but it will also give you an opportunity of being the host. Arrange household things in a tray and take it to the players so that they can have a better look at all the things. Next step is to hide the tray, then ask all the players to make a list of all the things they saw in that tray. The player who writes the maximum number of things in one minute, will be declared as the winner.

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